Where Children Want to Stay "Just a Little While Longer"
Our Mission  is to provide quality daycare to children in a safe and clean environment with enthusiastic, responsible, and knowledgeable caregivers.  We intend for our children to prosper from little caterpillars into beautiful butterflies during their stay with us.  Learning will occur through play and fun activities.  They have plenty of time to go to school.  These first four years they should learn without realizing that they are learning.  It should be fun!  The older children will have to be more structured but during the summer fun, fun and more fun.
To have a clean facility with plenty of playground space and parking.
To provide a safe environment.
To enrich the lives of young people in our area.
To establish long-term caregivers.
To provide proper training for our caregivers.
To have enthusiastic and knowledgeable caregivers who love their job.
To have an environment where children want to stay "just a little while longer".
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